Standard Bank Mozambique launches Africa-China Agent service

6 December 2019

The Africa-China Agent is a new service intended to help entrepreneurs from Mozambique to establish contacts and communicate with Chinese suppliers and vendors, as well as manage the process of importing goods and services, said on Wednesday in Maputo, the manager of the Africa-China Banking clients of Standard Bank Moçambique.

Tanuja Viriato said that for the introduction of this new service the bank had a partnership with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which will guarantee the transactions through a letter of credit issued by Standard Bank, which is intended to give importers enough time to receive and sell the goods prior to making the payment.

“With this service, we want to eliminate all barriers that our customers and entrepreneurs face today,” said Viriato, on the sidelines of the launch ceremony of the new platform, according to the Mozambican press.

The Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Liu Xiaoguang, said that trade relations between the United States and China were very good and beneficial for both countries, and added that with this new service Standard Bank will support Mozambican and Chinese companies to open their businesses and thus open up a world of possibilities for those entities that import goods and services from China.

The diplomat said that the new platform is an opportunity for companies to import, with greater safety and quality, goods produced in China, a country whose trade relationship with Mozambique this year has already exceeded more than US$2 billion. (macauhub)