Taipa line of the Macau light railway starts operating

10 December 2019

The Taipa line of the Macau light railway started operating on 10 December, after being inaugurated by the Chief Executive, Chui Sai On, the railway’s management company said.

Sociedade do Metro Ligeiro de Macau (SMLT) also said that residents can travel for free on the new line until 31 December.

The announcement from the company added that the Taipa line “will provide a new alternative for mobility to local residents and tourists.”

The Taipa line, which is 9.3 kilometres long and has 11 stations, not only covers the main residential areas in the centre of Taipa, the old districts and tourist areas, but also connects the three important border posts by sea, land and air into Macau.

The construction of a further extension of the Taipa line that connects the route to the Seac Pai Van area, in Coloane is under consideration.

The first studies of the Macau light railway system started in 2003 and in 2011 the contract was awarded to Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to supply materials for the construction of the 1st phase of the Macau light railway system. The work now completed began in 2013.

The route of the light railway line in the Macau peninsula is still under discussion despite works linked to the project already being underway along the Sai Van bridge. (macauhub)