Angola has 14 million mobile telephony users

18 December 2019

Angola currently has over 14 million users of mobile telephony and approximately 7 million subscribers of the Internet access service, said on Tuesday in Luanda, the president of the Angolan Communications Institute (Inacom).

The figures were provided by Leonel Augusto during a meeting between the Angolan communications regulator and operators of electronic communications and postal services in the country, which took place in Luanda.

“We already have a high rate of coverage, which is not the one we want yet, and we have to continue to improve it with new investments,” said the president of Inacom, noting that the population of Angola is currently estimated at 28 million people.

Augusto recalled that the applications submitted for the international public tender for the fourth telecommunications operator in Angola will be disclosed on 22 January 2020 by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies.

The president of Inacom also said that from the first quarter of 2020 interested parties may request the respective licenses for multi-services, through SEPE, the Angolan government’s portal for electronic public services.

This document allows the operator to provide a variety of services including fixed and mobile telephony, Internet service, pay-TV and cable channels.

Angola currently has three companies that provide telecommunications services, Unitel, with a market share of 80%, Movicel, with the remaining 20% and Angola Telecom, whose position is practically zero, and a portion of 45% of the latter is earmarked for privatisation. (macauhub)