Mozambican government hands over bridge and roads to private management

18 December 2019

Management of the Maputo – Catembe bridge and the Maputo Ring Road and National Road Number Six, between Beira and Machipanda, as well as the respective access roads and other infrastructure, was handed over in a concession to Mozambican road network company Revimo, the Council of Ministers decided on Tuesday.

Revimo, a private company founded in September 2018, will manage the three facilities for 20 years starting from the date of the contract is signed, which has yet to be set, said Ana Comoana, spokesperson for the Council of Ministers meeting, quoted by Mozambican state news agency AIM.

The Maputo – Catembe bridge was inaugurated in 2018 and connects the capital of the country to the municipal district of Catembe and the Maputo ring road, inaugurated in mid 2015, is made up of six interlinked roads, and the aim is to improve the flow of traffic in Maputo.

National Road Number Six (EN6) connects the port city of Beira in the border town of Machipanda, in the provinces of Sofala and Manica, respectively, as well as to the countries in the southern Africa region, such as Zimbabwe.

Comoana said that the concession is covered by the public-private partnerships law approved over seven years ago, aiming essentially, “to ensure efficient management of the roads, with a view to their expansion, operation and regular maintenance.”

She added that after the end of the concession period the infrastructures will revert to the Mozambican state.

The Council of Ministers also approved the return of the management and control of the port of Nacala to state ports and railway company CFM when the current concession contract to the Northern Development Corridor (CDN) ends on 10 January 2020.

The shareholder structure of CDN is made up of Sociedade de Desenvolvimento do Corredor de Nacala, with 51% and CFM, with the remaining 49%. (macauhub)