China will be the largest importer of chicken and beef from Brazil in 2019

19 December 2019

China, as well as being the largest trading partner of Brazil since 2009, will end 2019 as the largest importer of Brazilian chicken and beef, with a year-on-year growth of around 50%, according to figures from Brazil’s Ministry of the Economy.

In the first 11 months of the year, China spent US$1.073 billion on imports of Brazilian chicken meat, an on year increase of 46.08%, compared with US$754 million.

The Brazilian press reported that China this year became the main buyer of Brazilian chicken meat, overtaking Saudi Arabia, which was the main buyer for eight consecutive years, with imports of 513,000 tonnes, while the Saudis bought 429,000 tonnes.

In the case of chicken, the Saudis were also overtaken by Japan, which from January to November, purchased US$729 million in chicken, an increase of 13.67%.

Hong Kong appears in fifth place, after the United Arab Emirates, with imports of US$262 million, a decrease of 14.86% against a year before.

For frozen, fresh or chilled beef, China was also ranked first for purchases from Brazilian producers of US$2.171 billion, an increase of 59.77% compared with US$1.358 billion from January to November 2018.

Hong Kong comes in second for imports of Brazilian beef with US$679 million, a drop of 30.94% when compared with the US$983 million spent between January and November 2018.

From January to November China was also the largest importer of soybeans from Brazil, with a total of US$19. 585 billion (-23,85%), crude oil, with US$13.598 billion (+3,69%), iron ore and concentrates, with US$12.119 billion (+21,26%) and cellulose pulp, with US$3.047 billion (-2,63%). (macauhub)