Ho Iat Seng pledges to strengthen the application of “one country, two systems” principle in Macau

20 December 2019

The Chief Executive of the 5th Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR), Ho Iat Seng, gave assurances on Friday that he would continue to apply the “one country, two systems” policy, to comply with the Constitution and the Basic Law, to defend the interests of national development and to promote the social and economic development of Macau.

Ho Iat Seng also pledged that the new government will adopt “synergies and advancement, changes and innovation” as its governance motto and promised a more open and courageous stance in decision-making.

Ho Iat Seng spoke on the occasion of his inauguration as the 5th Chief Executive of Macau since the transfer of the territory’s administration to China in 1999 and during a ceremony attended by more than 1,000 people.

Ho said that the last 20 years had proven that the principle of “one country, two systems” applied in Macau is feasible, attainable and well-received.

The construction of diversified tourism industry and the promotion, establishment and growth of the convention and exhibition sector alongside the development of traditional Chinese medicine, of the cultural and creative industries and high technology, were considered by Ho Iat Seng as areas that his government should support.

Ho also said that the new government will accelerate the planning and construction of public housing, improve traffic, boost environmental protection and the urban renewal and the smart city and noted that resources would be invested effectively in health, education, social care and social benefits.

The new Chief Executive gave assurances that he would enhance the promotion and awareness of traditional Chinese culture, boosting exchanges and cooperation between the different cultures and promote the full development and innovation of cultural education.

Ho Iat Seng also recalled that the “Belt and Road” initiative and the construction of the Guangdong-Hong kong-Macau Greater Bay had brought major development opportunities to Macau.

He recalled that Macau’s role, in its process of development, is to boost the construction of “One Centre, One Platform, One Base,” to deepen regional cooperation, in particular with the city of Zhuhai, for the creation of new mechanisms of cooperation to develop Hengqin Island, and promote the proper diversification of its economy.

“Macau has unique advantages as a bridge between East and West and between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries,” he said in conclusion. (macauhub)