President Xi Jinping praises the economic and social achievements of Macau

20 December 2019

The President of China, Xi Jinping, on Thursday during a reception given on the occasion of his visit to Macau, praised the economic and social achievements of the Special Administrative Region in the last 20 years, which have enabled “rapid and robust development” in Macau and a substantial improvement in the well-being of its population.

Xi, in a six-minute speech to 600 guests, said that the successes achieved by Macau “are due to the full application of the ‘one country, two systems’ principle,” and “the full support of the Central Government, the pro-active actions of the SAR government and the joint efforts of all Macao residents.”

Xi Jinping praised Macau for combining the principles and requirements of “one, country two systems,” with the local reality and noted five points he considered fundamental for Macau’s success.

The Chinese President named “the love of the motherland and Macau” as the first point and stated that after the transfer of the administration to China in 1999 “Macau patriots considered this aspect to be the most important and fundamental.”

The consolidation of the Constitution and the Basic Law in Macau, the collaboration and balance between the Chief Executive, the executive and legislative bodies and the independence of the judicial bodies were also mentioned by the President as important points that led to the development and progress of Macau.

Xi Jinping also referred to the positive and pro-active attitude of Macau and its population to be an integral part of national development, taking advantage of the opportunities created by the national strategies, such as the “Belt and Road” initiative and the construction of the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau Greater Bay.

In conclusion President Xi said that “Macau has been good at seizing the opportunities brought by the major development strategies and policies of the country,” and considered that an atmosphere of inclusiveness and harmony had strengthened social cohesion. Macau knows full well that ‘a family of harmony prospers’ and that amity brings good fortune (…) and that allows you to consciously resist all disorders that come from outside.”

Chui Sai On, in his last speech as Chief Executive of Macau, said that “the government has strengthened the coordination, planning and the promotion of the positioning of Macau as an ‘A Centre and a Platform,’ to take full advantage of the benefits of the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay.”

According to Chui Sai On the government has been engaged in the dissemination of emerging industries, such as conventions and exhibitions and traditional Chinese medicine, the financial sector with its own characteristics and also in promoting sustainable development and proper diversification of the local economy.

Among the various visits that Xi Jinping made to governmental departments, schools and other institutions in the territory were the future facilities of the Services Complex for Trade cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, located next to the Macau Tower, which he said was an important instrument for strengthening Macau’s capacity to operate as a platform in tune with the needs of the country. (macauhub)