Macau Chief Executive visits Guangzhou and Zhuhai to boost cooperation

26 December 2019

Macau Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng said, during a visit to the neighbouring province of Guangdong, that cooperation with Zhuhai in the joint promotion of Hengqin Island, in order to increase the space for growth and inject new dynamism to the development of Macau, is one of the long-term objectives of his government.

During a meeting with Guangdong leaders, he said he hoped the two territories would, “strengthen cooperation, seize their advantages, deepen cooperation in various areas, including trade and investment, human exchanges and the issues related to the life of the population, accelerate the construction of the Guangdong-Macau Industrial Cooperation Park and the Industrial Park of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cooperation between Guangdong and Macau, as well as to promote cross-border infrastructure.”

During his visit to the city of Zhuhai, adjacent to Macau, Ho Iat Seng stated that the Government of Macau would consolidate the relationship between Guangdong and Macau, deepen cooperation and participate in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay, in order to achieve development with mutual benefits to serve the progress of the country.

The leaders of both Guangdong and Zhuhai, assured Ho Iat Seng they would do everything possible to strengthen cooperation with Macau, thus contributing to the development of Macau and mainland China.

The Chief Executive, on his first official visit since he took office, visited the Hengqin Island border post, the Industrial Park of Traditional Chinese Medicine for cooperation between Guangdong and Macau, and the reserved zone for the project of the “New Neighbourhood of Macau” on Hengqin Island.

The delegation led by Ho Iat Seng was in Guangzhou on 23 December and in Zhuhai the following day. (macauhub)