Maritime transport loses importance in the connection between Hong Kong and Macau

27 December 2019

The number of visitors who arrived in Macau in November by sea, approximately 413,700, represented a decline of 39.0% yearonyear, said Statistics and Census Bureau.

A study released this month by the Macau Government Tourism Office showed that the opening of the Hong KongZhuhaiMacau Bridge, in October 2018, had altered the pattern of movement of visitors to Macau, including reduced use of maritime terminals.

The data from this study, which validated 3,070 questionnaires, showed that 42.7% of visitors to Macau said they will reduce the use of the maritime terminals (Taipa Maritime Passenger Terminal and Porto Exterior Ferry Terminal) due to the opening of the Hong KongZhuhaiMacau bridge.

Of the 2.9 million visitors who arrived in Macau in November, where they remained for an average of 1.2 days, came primarily through the Portas do Cerco border post (1.6 million people), via the Hong KongZhuhaiMacau Bridge (350,200) and by air (318,200).

In cumulative terms, Macau has received more than 36.3 million visitors in the period from January to November, or an increase of 12.7% compared to the same period of 2018.

Mainland China accounted for more than 25.8 million or 71.1% of the total number of visitor arrivals to Macau from January to November, followed by Hong Kong residents, with 6.6 million and Taiwan, with 983,600, with growth of 13.2%, 18.6% and 1.6%, respectively. (macauhub)