Angola opens embassy in Timor-Leste

30 December 2019

Angola will have an embassy in Timor-Leste, a move that is intended to boost Angola’s relations with other members of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLC), said Angola’s Minister for Foreign Relations.

Minister Manuel Augusto told TV stations Euronews that “Timor-Leste has a strategic role given its geographical location.”

Angola, which is due to take on the rotating presidency of the CPLPC, has also said that the issue of freedom of movement of citizens among the Community’s nations would remain one of the priorities over the next two years.

The minister also told Euronews that Angola plans to make its membership of the Commonwealth official this year, as well as to move ahead as quickly as possible in the process of joining the OIF, community of French-speaking countries.

He said, however, that in relation to the OIF, the membership process was likely to only be concluded in 2021 when the organisation meets at its summit. (macauhub)