Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park to increase tourism offer in 2020

31 December 2019

Gorongosa National Park, located in Sofala province, central Mozambique, in 2020 plans to open a camp for tourists in the heart of the reservation, with fully equipped tents, announced the institution in a statement issued on its website.

Surrounded by large trees, the Muzimu camp will have six raised tents with private platforms from which guests can look out over the Mussicadzi river below.

“Elevated walkways will connect the tents so that guests can stroll through the bush,” and in some places, “the paths descend to ground level, allowing elephants, hippos and antelopes to move from the banks of the river to the plains beyond the camp.”

Despite being in the middle of one of Africa’s main natural parks the accommodation includes amenities such as a swimming pool, laundry service and Wi-Fi Internet access in the main common area.

The Gorongos National Park considers itself to be “the main national wildlife park in Mozambique,” and is located on the southern end of East Africa’s Rift Valley. The natural park also has “some of the most biologically rich and geologically diverse ecosystems on the continent.” (macauhub)