Macau Chief Executive intends to reform public administration

2 January 2020

The Chief Executive of Macau, Ho Iat Seng, said in his New Year’s Message to the people of Macau, that the government will implement the guidelines given by President Xi Jinping on his visit to Macau in order to respond to the aspirations of the people.

Ho Iat Seng gave assurances that the government will boost the construction of the special administrative region taking into account its position as “A Centre”, “A Platform” and “A Base.”

“The priority of our action will respond to the great aspirations of the population – the reform of public administration, the construction of a government that acts according to the law and is impartial, at the service of the population and their interests,” said Ho.

The Chief Executive also noted as a priority of his government the promotion of proper diversification of the economy, the development of new industries and new types of business and the creation of new bolsters for economic growth.

Ho Iat Seng also set as priorities the, “optimisation of actions geared to the well-being of the population and for the effective improvement in their quality of life, the intensification of initiatives targeted at youth and the creation of conditions essential to their growth, training and success and the elevation of young people’s national conscience.”

The strengthening of regional cooperation, within the framework of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay, the deepening of Macau’s cooperation with Guangdong and Zhuhai, in particular with Hengqin Island, and the phased extension of cooperation to other regions, thus allowing for a greater area of development for Macau, were also points considered to be priorities for governance. (macauhub)