Angolan government inspects mining cooperatives

3 January 2020

An inspection of mining cooperatives operating in the province of Lunda Norte was launched on Thursday by the Angolan authorities, with a view to preventing illegal immigration, diamond trafficking and illegal mining, the spokesman of the Advanced Command of Operation Transparency said.

Commissioner António José Bernardo also said that monitoring actions will also focus on the production and safety mechanisms installed, as well as the standing of the cooperatives in terms of tax and social security.

In July 2019, Angola’s national diamond prospecting, exploration, cutting and marketing company, Endiama 31 licenses in Lunda Norte, to semi-industrial companies to return to their mining activities, after having been suspended for irregularities detected during the Operation Transparency.

Angola currently has 241 licensed companies and has granted 75 concessions to an equal number of mining companies.

Bernardo said that the authorities would increase security along the borders, to contain the “avalanche” of illegal migration which is being registered in the provinces of Lunda Norte, Malanje, Uíge and Zaire.

Lunda Norte province shares a 770-kilometre border with the DRC, of which 650 kilometres is on land 120 kilometres is inland waterways. (macauhub)