Angola produces 9.121 million carats of diamonds in 2019

14 January 2020

The diamond sector in Angola produced 9.086 million carats in 2019, a fall of 4.8% on year due to the closure of a mine, and with semi-industrial production the total was 9.121 million carats, the president of Angola’s national diamond company Endiama said on Monday in Luanda.

Ganga Júnior said that the semi-industrial diamond sector had accounted for the production of 35,856 carats of diamonds last year.

The industrial sector sold 9.114 million carats at an average price of US$138.58 per carat, which compares with US$168.45 per carat in 2018, or a 7.0% drop in price.

The overall total – industrial and semi-industrial diamonds – sold in 2019 was 9.149 million carats, the president of Endiama said.

The sales recorded in 2019 reached US$1.263 billion, or an increase of 10% on year, which resulted in an additional revenue of US$34.7 million. (macauhub)