Angola’s new banknotes will be in circulation by the end of the first half

14 January 2020

New kwanza banknotes are due to go into circulation in Angola in the first half of this year, the governor of the Bank of Angola (BNA), José de Lima Massano, announced on Monday in Luanda.

Answering some questions from members of the National Assembly, José de Lima Massano said recommendations made by members to “fine-tune” the picture on the notes of the first President of the Republic, Agostinho Neto and to keep the figure of the “thinker” (a symbol of Angolan culture).

The governor noted that the picture will have only the face of the first President of Angola, António Agostinho Neto, unlike the current banknotes that included the former head of state, José Eduardo dos Santos.

The introduction of a new family of banknotes will be gradual, particularly of higher denominations that will be issued and put into circulation when economic conditions require it.

The new notes, with values of 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 kwanzas, called the “2020 Series,” also have illustration of the natural wonders of Angola.

On the 200 kwanza banknotes are the Pedras Negras de Pungo a Ndongo (Malange), on the 500 is Fenda de Tundavala (Huíla), on the 1,000 the cordillera of the Central Plateau (Huambo), on the 2,000 the Serra da Leba (Huíla), on the 5,000 the ruins of the Cathedral of São Salvador do Congo (Zaire) and on the 10,000 the Caves of Zenzo (Uíge). (macauhub)