260 cooperatives licensed to prospect for diamonds in Angola in 2019

15 January 2020

Angolan diamond company Endiama granted licenses to 260 cooperatives in 2019 for semi-industrial diamond exploration, the company’s president said in Luanda.

José Manuel Ganga Júnior also said a set of regulatory measures and techniques designed to promote the development of cooperatives on an industrial scale was underway, and that within two years the cooperatives would evolve into the equivalent of small businesses.

The president of Endiama said that prior to Operation Transparency, carried out in 2018 by the Ministry of the Interior, there were more than 700 small diamond prospectors, and that after its conclusion in 2019, only 260 had met the requirements to continue prospecting.

“However, not all cooperatives that received an operating license have already started to produce,” said Ganga Júnior, adding that independent producers, “those who dig in their yard looking for diamonds, are a thing of the past.”

The production of co-operatives that started operating in 2019 totalled 35,856 carats, sold in their entirety to the Empresa Nacional de Comercialização de Diamantes de Angola (Sodiam) “to prevent the trafficking of diamonds,” he said.

Ganga Júnior also said the creation of a body to allow the process of price negotiation to involve an independent valuer, a seller valuer and a buyer valuer, was also being considered, in order to find a balance, which is very close to the international price. (macauhub)