Macau Tourism Office expects drop in the number of visitors in 2020

16 January 2020

Macau is expected to receive fewer visitors in 2020, with a projected drop of 3.0%, said on Tuesday the director of the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO), adding that in 2019 a new record of 39.4 million visitors had been set, an increase of 10.1% when compared with the number recorded a year before.

Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes also noted that, in addition to the increase in the overall number, there were also increases in the number of visitors who stayed in the city overnight as well as in day-trippers.

Senna Fernandes said that in 2019, despite factors of global economic instability, Macau had benefited from the entry into operation of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, and, according to preliminary figures there was an increase in both the total number of visitors, and those from Greater China, as well as in visitors who remained overnight and those who did not.

In terms of source markets for international visitors, South Korea remained at the top of the list as the main source of international visitors to Macau, which in 2019 was visited by over 740,000 people from that country.

For this year, the MGTO plans to promote, among other actions, the development of “intelligent” tourism and the Creative City of Gastronomy, the enrichment of local tourist products and will begin preparing for the review of the General Development Plan of the Macau Tourism Industry, according to its director.

For this year, Senna Fernandes announced the organisation of the “International Gastronomy Forum, Macau” in order to strengthen cultural exchange and cooperation with the Creative Cities, and the construction of a database of Macanese cuisine, as well as to promote Macau as an important destination and ideal stopover for international tourists visiting the Greater Bay by launching new tourism products in the context of “multi-destination itineraries.”

She also announced the opening of the Macau Grand Prix Museum, which will use interactive multimedia devices to give visitors a completely new experience, supporting the development of maritime tourism products and exploring the feasibility of conducting sightseeing on the islands of the Greater Bay. (macauhub)