CPLP announces new funding to support Mozambique

The Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) will help the reconstruction of areas of Mozambique affected by cyclones in 2019 with funding of €888,600, with funding totalling €1.26 million, said the organisation in a statement.

The act was signed by the CPLP Executive Secretary, Ambassador Francisco Ribeiro Telles, and by the executive director of the Office of Post-Cyclone Reconstruction, Francisco Pereira, who will be responsible for the implementation of resources, applying them in activities according to the objectives and priorities laid down by the Mozambican authorities.

“Raising this significant support for Mozambique is also a clear expression of the strong ties of solidarity linking the Member States of the CPLP and the citizens of our countries, which were, in fact, determining factors in the creation of the CPLP and have been the essence of the organisation throughout its 23 years of existence,” the statement said.

Following the destruction caused by cyclone Idai in central and northern Mozambique, in March 2019, the CPLP met and created a financial package to support the affected populations, said the organisation.

In the statement, the CPLP noted the memorandum signed on 8 April, a “document which lays down the conditions under which the support is provided, i.e., it created a specific heading in the Special Fund of the CPLP, to which the contributions of Member States, associate observers and advisory observers are assigned.”

“In June of 2019 we signed the first financing protocol through which we provided financial aid of €370,000 for the recovery and reconstruction of infrastructure,” the statement said. (macauhub)