Mass-market baccarat makes gains on VIP baccarat in Macau

20 January 2020

VIP baccarat has been losing market share to mass market baccarat at casinos in Macau, although in 2019 it still provided a higher gross revenue, according to statistics on the various types of gambling released by the region’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau.

In 2014, for example, VIP baccarat offered double the revenue of mass-market baccarat, with values of 212.535 billion patacas and 106.527 billion patacas, respectively, figures which in 2019 amounted to 135.228 billion patacas and 120.773 billion patacas.

The two types of baccarat are the two most popular casino games in Macau, accounting for 90% of the total of 351.521 billion patacas in 2014 and 87.5% of the 292.455 billion patacas recorded in 2019.

Games of chance are the main generators of revenue among all types of games, having both in 2014 and in 2019 accounted for 99.7% of total revenues, with 351.521 billion patacas (total of 352.714 billion patacas) in 2014 and 292.455 billion patacas (total of 293.312 billion patacas), respectively.

The other types of games include greyhound racing, which were cancelled in 2019, horse racing, Chinese lotteries, scratch cards and instant sports betting on football and basketball games.

Over the four quarters of 2019, baccarat VIP remained the main generator of gross revenue for casinos, with values ranging from a maximum of 37.208 billion patacas in the first quarter and a minimum of 31.085 billion patacas in the third quarter.

However, the value of mass-market baccarat was very close to VIP baccarat, recording values ranging between a minimum of 29.605 billion patacas in the second quarter and a maximum of 30.712 billion patacas in the fourth quarter. (macauhub)