Mozambique’s state port and rail company may lose control of the railway network

31 January 2020

The Institute of Land Transport (Inatter) of Mozambique could control the country’s railway network pursuant to a proposal submitted during the previous government to the Ministry of State Administration and Civil Service, said the minister of Transport and Communications, Janfar Abdulai, at the end of a visit to Inatter.

Inatter was created in August 2011 as a regulator for the land transport sector in the country, but since then has been limited to regulating, monitoring and supervising road transport, as the rail sector remains under the purview of Mozambique’s Port and Rail Company (CFM).

The proposal includes transforming Inatter into a public company, as well as changing the current organisational structure, with it having a chairman of the Board of Directors, instead of a director-general, and two executive directors, one for the road area and another for the railways.

“I believe that we will overcome this challenge during this term of office,” the minister said at the end of the visit, adding that the measure aims to regulate the rail component, according to Mozambican news agency, AIM.

Abdulai also mentioned cases of corruption at Inatter, with at least 28 employees subject to disciplinary proceedings for alleged involvement in fraudulent schemes of issuing driving licenses in the city of Maputo, noting it was necessary to introduce internal control mechanisms quickly.

The minister noted that the continued computerisation of the bureaucratic system of the institution was one of the most effective tools for preventing corruption and announced that within a year a computerised system for licensing cars would be concluded. (macauhub)