Angola’s Ministry of Tourism prepares a review of legislation in the sector

31 January 2020

The Ministry of Tourism of Angola is working on the process of regulating the Ecotourism Law, approved in 2015, with a view to ensuring greater growth of the activity, streamlining the sector and contributing to the growth of economic diversification of the country, said on Wednesday in Luanda, the director of the legal office of the ministry.

Sandra Vicar, who was speaking at the public presentation of the proposals for the review of some of the bills that make up the legal framework of the tourism sector in the country, recalled that ecotourism, as a growing sector in the world, was not regulated in Angola, although it has been developing for some time now.

A year ago the Ministry of Tourism began a review of legislation in the sector, in partnership with the Centre for Studies of the Agostinho Neto University, and work on eight bills linked to the operation of the sector is currently underway.

Ecotourism covers services in nature tourism enterprises, as well as environmental and other activities and additional tourism services, which make it possible to enjoy the country’s natural, architectural, landscape and cultural heritage.

One of the main topics discussed during the meeting was, according to state newspaper Jornal de Angola, the issue of the minimum amount of coverage of civil liability insurance. Vicar recalled that the current Tourism Law sets out 2 million kwanzas as a minimum value for insurance cover.

Taking into account the economic situation of the country, affected by economic and financial difficulties, “we are discussing how much should be paid,” said Vicar, underscoring that travel agencies are, according to the law, obliged to take on civil liability insurance to safeguard the safety of tourists. (macauhub)