Wuhan virus reduces the number of people who visit Macau

31 January 2020

The number of visitor arrivals to Macau from Lunar New Year’s Eve, on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 29 January, fell by 76.5% to 243,204 people year on year, according to figures released by the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO).

The figures provided by the region’s Public Security Police (PSP), which controls the borders, showed that the number of visitors saw a continuous decline over the days celebrating the New Year.

On New Year’s Eve, for example, the number of visitors dropped 34.6% to 55,098 people, and on Wednesday fell 89.1% to 21,584 people.

English-language newspaper the Macau Daily Post reported that the number of visitors from mainland China fell by 81.7% to 139,580 between Lunar New Year’s Eve and Wednesday.

The biggest drop was reached on Wednesday when the number of visitors fell by 91.8% year-on-year to 12,431.

Macau has recorded seven cases of Wuhan coronavirus since the outbreak of the epidemic.

The government has taken special measures to control the spread of the virus in Macau, notably by controlling entries, closure of public institutions, schools and universities, cancellation of celebrations of the Chinese New Year, reducing maritime transport from and to Hong Kong and monitoring entries in the casinos. (macauhub)