Macau has no new cases of coronavirus for the sixth consecutive day

10 February 2020

For the sixth day running no new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Macau, according to the local health authorities.

Health service officials said on Sunday it was possible that the nine patients hospitalised with coronavirus – six from Wuhan and three from Macau – could be discharged shortly, as their state of health has improved substantially.
A patient hospitalised with the virus was discharged on Thursday, after a month and a half, has now returned to the province of Hubei.

More than 500 tests have carried out by the Macau health services to detect the virus, but so far only 80 people remain under observation.

On Monday public services began the second week of closure and only operate in urgent cases, which is also the case with the city’s postal services.

Macau’s 41 casinos remain closed until the end of this week, as well as cinemas, cultural centres, schools, universities, sports fields, parks, libraries, bars, saunas and gyms among other public places.

Several hotels have closed for commercial reasons and sea links and helicopter services between Macau and Hong Kong have been cut off since last week, and the only the connection is currently the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge.

Movement on the bridge is minimal and on Sunday just 2,400 people were recorded.

This figure compares with the movement at the borders between Macau and Zhuhai, which on Sunday recorded the passage of 46,000 people, mostly Macau non-resident workers, who live in the neighbouring municipality of Zhuhai.

Border movement has fallen by about 80% since Macau took measures to control entrances and called on residents to remain at home.

On Monday 86 flights due to arrive in Macau were cancelled, of which 35 were by Air Macau and 91 departures were cancelled, of which 40 were operated by Air Macau mostly to cities in mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. (macauhub)