Electrification of the future Salt City, in Angola, costs US$3.75 million

12 February 2020

The electrification of the future Salt City, in the municipality of Baía-Farta, in Angola, has an estimated cost of US$3.75 million, said an official from Angolan power distribution company ENDE.

The head of the ENDE department of technical operation in the central and southern region, Demo Santos, who spoke during the presentation of the project to the Minister of Fisheries and the Sea and salt producers, said that the project may be carried out within a period of six months if finances are in place.

“At the moment, negotiations between the ministries of Energy and of Fisheries for the execution of the project are underway,” he said, adding that local entrepreneurs are also prepared to provide financial support.

Salt City (Cidade do Sal) will be built on an area of 11,000 hectares, about 20 kilometres south of the capital of the municipality of Baía Farta, according to the Angop news agency.

An initiative of the provincial government,  as part of the “Benguela Costa Nova” programme, the project aims to take advantage of the sea, salt and tourist centres, yet to be built, to turn them into drivers of economic development. (macauhub)