Mozambique launches campaign to plant new cashew trees in Nampula province

13 February 2020

Mozambique’s National Cashew Institute (Incaju) has launched a campaign for the distribution of more than 2 million seedlings in Nampula province, aiming to renew the country’s largest area of cashew trees in the country, said the Incaju provincial delegate.

Julius Langa said that the distribution of cashew seedlings began last December, with a focus in the districts with the highest production of cashew nuts in Nampula province, such as Mogovolas, Angoche and Moma, as well as Lalaua, Ribáuè and Malema, where this cash crop is less common.

The distribution of seedlings, focused on the smallholding sector and then the commercial sector, is based on the need to replace older trees. There are currently around 15 million trees, but only 3 million are being treated and produce cashews effectively and regularly.

The provincial delegate of Incaju also told the AIM news agency that growth of 6.0% is expected in the sale of cashews in the 2020/2021 campaign, “which means increasing from 76,000 to 78,000 tonnes.”

Langa added that the goal set for the 2019/2020 campaign of 73,000 tonnes was not met as sales totalled 66,000, “due to rains, theft and mishandling of the product after the harvest.” (macauhub)