Minister of Agriculture says that Brazil’s relationship with China is strong

17 February 2020

The relationship with China is solid and the agreement reached between the country and the United States “will not have catastrophic repercussions” for Brazil, said last week in Brasilia, the Brazilian Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply.

“I am optimistic, I believe in the opportunities that crises can bring in certain moments,” said Minister Tereza Cristina, taking part in the 14th Meeting of Harvest Projection, promoted by the National Association of Exporters of Cereals (ANEC) and by the National Association of Exporters of Cotton (ANEA), in the federal capital.

The minister, quoted by the Brazilian press, stressed that the next soybean harvest already has price and has already been sold and noted that the ministry is working to open new markets in order to increase Brazilian exports.

She said, however, it is important to analyse the possible impacts of the Covid-19 virus on Brazilian agriculture, but added that China is a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants “who will continue to need food.”

“These are momentary situations, but which we have to examine with due care and in a more comprehensive rather than a one-off way. We have to be very careful and responsible, because the markets are nervous,” she said. (macauhub)