China’s demand for pork from Brazil increases in January 2020

18 February 2020

The demand for pork by China-led Brazilian exports of these products to reach 68,500 tonnes in January, according to figures published by the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA)

The amount exported represents an increase of 41% in comparison with January 2019, when 48,500 tonnes were shipped out of the country.

The revenue obtained was US$164.1 million, which is 78.9% higher than that recorded in January 2019, with US$91.7 million.

China remained the main driver of Brazilian exports, with 30,600 tonnes or 45% of the total exported, or an increase of 252% compared with figures for January 2019.

“Chinese demand remained high throughout the month of January, and was an important factor in the increase of Brazilian exports,” said Francisco Turra, president of ABPA, according to the SAFRAS news agency.

Turra also said that other markets had helped in increasing Brazilian exports of this product, including Hong Kong whose imports grew by 93% and Vietnam, with an increase of 330%.

The novelty coronavirus epidemic in China has postponed the opening of new facilities for rearing pigs and put even more pressure on the supply and prices of pork meat.

The supply of pork produced in China fell by 21.3% in 2019, as a result of an outbreak of classical swine fever, which forced the health authorities to order the destruction of 390,000 animals. (macauhub)