Angolan Chamber of Commerce and Industry to help launch national bar code

19 February 2020

The Angola Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIA) will join Global Standard One (GS1) by next March, helping to fulfil one of the conditions required for Angola to implement its own bar code, the president of CCIA said recently.

Vicente Soares, cited by Jornal de Angola, said that the CCIA will join GS1 by the date mentioned, “as the necessary conditions for the start of the process have been met.”

In 2014, with the introduction of the “Made in Angola” programme, the Ministry of Economy and Planning decided to create a national bar code, submitting the process to GS1, but the Brussels-based organisation set out requirements that the country is making efforts to meet.

In addition to a minimum of 500 signatures of economic operators and producers, GS1 requires that the process be supported by a national organisation that does not have the “visible involvement of the State.”

With this in mind, an association called Codiango was set up, which is already working to comply with all the demands made by GS1, according to the president of the CCIA.

The Jornal de Angola newspaper reported that, until they met the conditions set out by GS1, “Made in Angola” products, even if they bear the seal and are locally produced, will continue to be catalogued in supermarkets as imported products, by using bar codes for countries such as Brazil, South Africa and Portugal.

If Angola is given approval, the companies that use bar codes from other countries will adopt, for a certain period, a national code and a foreign one, until the phase in which using foreign codes will be prohibited. (macauhub)