Sea links between Macau and Shenzhen airport in China suspended

19 February 2020

The Macau Government has suspended from Wednesday the sea links between Macau and the port of Fuyong, which serves the airport of Shenzhen, in China’s Guangdong province.

The suspension of the links with Shenzhen is part of measures to combat the spread of Codiv-19 disease in the territory.

The news announced by the Macau Marine and Water Bureau, said, however, that sea links between Macau and Mainland China are still operating.

Despite the health control measures imposed by the Macau Government sea links are still operating with Shekou in Shenzhen, and with Wanzai, in the municipality of Zhuhai bordering Macau.

Since 4 February all sea and air links between Macau and the neighbouring Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong are suspended.

For 15 days Macau has recorded no new cases of patients affected by Codiv-19.

Five confirmed patients remain in hospital with mild symptoms and the health authorities admit that some may be discharged in the next few days.

The Coordination and Contingency Centre for the New Type of Coronavirus (CCCNPC) on Tuesday warned again that although there are no new confirmed cases in Macau “the risk of outbreaks in the community still exists and we have not excluded the existence of hidden cases.”

Civil servants partially returned to work on 17 February but schools, universities, parks, libraries, theatres and other entertainment areas remain closed.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Macau 29 hotels have closed.

However, the Macau Government authorised casinos to reopen from 20 February, giving operators the opportunity to do so gradually over 30 days.

Meanwhile, the number of visitors to Macau has dropped by more than 80% however, from a daily average of approximately 100,000 people to 4,300.

Guangdong province, where Macau is located, by Wednesday had recorded 1,322 cases of Codiv-19 with four deaths, the municipality of Zhuhai, bordering Macau, 98 cases with one death and in the Special Administrative Region Hong Kong there have been 62 cases with two deaths. (macauhub)