Macau imposes restrictions on the entry of residents from Germany, Spain, France and Japan

9 March 2020

Macau will impose a quarantine of 14 days, from Tuesday, for anyone who, “has been in Germany, Spain, France or Japan in the 14 days prior to entry,” in the territory, the government announced.

The period of 14 days of “medical isolation observation” [quarantine] shall come into force at midday on 10 March (Tuesday).

This measure taken under local law is already in place for people from South Korea (since 26 February), Italy and Iran (29 February).

Macau has not registered any new cases of COVID-19 for the last 34 days.

The 10 patients who had contracted COVID-19 and were hospitalized in Macau have already been discharged from hospital and have returned to China and the others stayed in Macau because they are local residents.

However, in an operation considered “high risk”, an Air Macau aircraft on Saturday took off from Wuhan, the capital of the Chinese province of Hubei and centre of the epidemic of coronavirus, with 57 Macau residents on board who underwent medical checks and no indication of COVID-19 was found.

All were put into quarantine until further tests are carried out on their clinical condition. (macauhub)