Twigg Exploration and Mining resumes graphite exploration in Mozambique

9 March 2020

Twigg Exploration and Mining has recently resumed the exploration of deposits of graphite in Balama, Cabo Delgado province, after about six weeks of downtime, said the head of the bagging department.

Momade Armando told daily newspaper Notícias that the decision to stop activity was due to the combined effect of the trade war between the United States and China and the outbreak of the epidemic of Covid-19 in the latter country, which is the main buyer of the product extracted by Twigg Exploration and Mining, a subsidiary in Mozambique of the Syrah Resources group.

Due to the constraints mentioned, the company’s board was forced to lay off 277 workers, including both Mozambicans and foreigners, as a cost-containment measure, having seen its production decrease in 2019 from 250,000 to 150,000 tonnes.

Armando also told the secretary of state in Cabo Delgado province, Armindo Ngunga, who recently visited that mining company, which, in spite of the difficulties it is facing, its graphite continues to be a highly sought after ore for the manufacture of anodes for batteries.

Operating since 2018, Twigg Exploration and Mining currently employs 1,065 workers in Balama, including Mozambicans and foreigners, 429 of which belonging to sub-contracting companies. (macauhub)