Cabo Verde Airlines grounds aircraft from 18 March

18 March 2020

Cabo Verde Airlines has suspended all its operations from 18 March for a period of “at least 30 days,” announced the airline in a statement issued on Tuesday in Praia.

The decision is related to the “progressive spread of the Covid-19 pandemic to more than 150 countries,” the majority of which already have “temporary travel bans” which require airlines to suspend their activities.

In a statement, the company said the decision is related to the Government of Cabo Verde’s decision to close the borders of the country.”

Flights to Portugal and all European countries with cases of Covid-19 have been banned for at least three weeks, as well as to the United States, Brazil, Senegal and Nigeria from Wednesday.

The same measure had been applied at the beginning of February in relation to Italy, which led to the suspension of the company’s flights to Rome and Milan.

Cabo Verde Airlines had already suspended flights to Washington DC (USA), Porto Alegre (Brazil), and Lagos (Nigeria), which are now joined by the routes of Boston (USA), Lisbon (Portugal), Paris (France), Dakar (Senegal), Fortaleza and Recife (Brazil).

The airline also said that the maintenance of “special humanitarian, repatriation or cargo flights would still operate, so as to ensure that the archipelago is not isolated and that essential goods, such as medication, can be supplied,” is being discussed with the authorities and shareholders. (macauhub)