Government postpones sale of state stake in Cabo Verde Airlines

23 March 2020

The sale of the stake of 39% that the State still holds in Cabo Verde Airlines will be postponed, announced Cabo Verde’s prime minister Ulisses Correia da Silva, who said the air carrier would be one of the companies targeted for support measures.

The prime minister also told Portuguese news agency Lusa that the activity of air transport “is the one most affected by the current crisis, at a global level,” and Cabo Verde is no exception, “Cabo Verde Airlines is clearly in the group of businesses which will be the subject of support measures.”

Correia da Silva said that this is not the right time to proceed with the sale of the State stake in Cabo Verde Airlines, a company that suspended operations from 18 March for a period of at least 30 days.

Some airline destinations were banned, pro-actively by decisions of the respective countries so as to contain the pandemic, and by decision of the Government of Cabo Verde, and at least until 9 April, air connections from 26 countries, including Portugal and Brazil are prohibited, leaving the carrier without any business.

In the same interview, the prime minister gave assurances that despite the ban on commercial flights, in order to disembark passengers at national airports, flights for the repatriation of people, “are permitted and are being carried out.” (macauhub)