Macau Government recommends not travelling abroad

23 March 2020

Macau’s Office of Tourism Crisis Management (GGCT) issued a travel warning for all countries and territories in which it strongly recommends that Macau residents do not make unnecessary trips outside the territory.

This warning was backed by Macau Health Service officials who are insistently asking Macau residents not to travel out of the special administrative region in this period of contagion of Covid-19.

The calls come at a time when Macau has more imported cases of Covid-19 most of which from Europe, the United States of America and Australia.

After 40 consecutive days without new cases since 15 March there another 14 imported cases of Covid-19 were recorded.

The first 10 patients, seven from Wuhan and three from Macau, were discharged from the hospital some time ago.

Newly infected patients are mainly being detected at point of entry in Macau, when returning from Hong Kong where they have arrived from various countries infected by Covid-19 or hotels which are under quarantine.

The Government of Macau is putting all Macau residents who have arrived from abroad into quarantine in seven hotels.

Entries into Macau are also barred to all citizens of foreign countries as well as to non-resident workers, with the exception of those from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. (macauhub)