Angola’s Finance Minister defines gaming areas in the country

31 March 2020

The provinces of Cabinda and Luanda, Malanje, Benguela, Huila and Namibe in Angola have been defined as areas for gaming and gambling under Executive Decree No. 101/20 of 6 March, signed by the Angolan Minister of Finance, Vera Daves de Sousa, according to an official statement.

The law stipulates that specific locations should be identified in each of the areas where casinos can be set up, following the launch of tenders to grant gaming and gambling concessions.

The exclusivity on exploration of games of chance and gambling will be reserved for entities that are awarded the concession tenders. Those entities will carry out their business in casinos under rules that will be set out in their concession contracts.

The Ministry of Finance, via the decree, warned that gaming and gambling outside the established areas is prohibited, and this will be supervised by the police and the Institute for supervision of Games (ISJ).

The Executive Decree covers the lack of regulations affecting the supervision of the gaming sector, thus making the actions of the ISJ and police authorities more effective. (macauhub)