Companies in the Nacala Corridor, Mozambique, adopt single trading name

9 April 2020

The companies of the Nacala Corridor, in northern Mozambique, now use a single trading name, Nacala Logistics, which is the result of merging each of their brands, said the chairman of the Board of Directors of the companies of the Nacala Corridor.

Welington Soares said the integrated brand was created with the aim of increasingly boosting and promoting the commercial relationship between the Mozambican companies of the Nacala Corridor, in particular the Northern Development Corridor (CDN) and the Nacala Integrated Logistics Corridor (CLN) and Central East African Railways (CEAR) and Vale Logistics Limited (VLL), of Malawi, as well as with users of their services.

To this end, it will add more value to the business chain, as well as to facilitate the management of the entire corridor.

Soares also said that the new identity is expected to strengthen the two main businesses, coal logistics and general cargo, optimise their processes and facilitate public identification of a single service provider.

“Nacala Logistics is a safe brand you can rely on, that is productive, effective and inclusive. This identity will strengthen the position of the Corridor as a solid and responsible company,” said Soares, said in a statement.

The new brand will not affect the legal identity of each of the companies, which is to say that each one separately will continue to honour their legal and tax commitments.

“We want to reinforce that this change of trading name does not mean that we are going to create a new company,” explained Soares.

The CDN and CLN companies in Mozambique, CEAR and VLL, in Malawi, will remain on the market and pay their State contributions, as well as continuing to provide jobs for more than 2,500 workers that we have in our operations,” said Welington Soares. (macauhub)