Luso-chinese group Quinta da Marmeleira joins the wave of solidarity with Portugal

9 April 2020

The growth in the number of cases of people infected with Covid-19 in Portugal to over 13,000, has generated a wave of solidarity in Macau, which now has includes a donation from Luso-Chinese group Quinta da School of more than 250,000 protective masks.

A source from the group, which produces wine in the Lisbon region, said 100,000 masks (N95 and surgical masks) and duly certified FFP2 respirators had been delivered to the Embassy of Portugal in China, which has been channelling aid to be sent to the Portuguese Ministry of Health, public hospitals in Porto and Lisbon, health centres, police stations, the Alenquer local authority and the Areeiro parish council, among other institutions.

Another 110,000 masks, used by medical teams involved in combating the Covid-19 outbreak, have been acquired and the group intends to buy another 40,000 to donate next week, according to the same source.

The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Quinta da Marmeleira group, Wu Zhiwei, said, “this is the time for full solidarity,” so the group decided to respond to calls by the Portuguese authorities, “as part of its policy of social responsibility.”

“If around three months ago we came to the aid of China, now it is Portugal’s time and this gesture has a special meaning that keeps us connected to this centuries-old friendship between Portugal and China and to give the best support and encouragement to all the people who work on the front line of the fight against the pandemic,” said Wu Zhiwei, who is also vice president of the Portugal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In February, when the new coronavirus crisis was at its peak in China, the group donated to Macau and cities of the Greater Bay tens of thousands of masks, gloves, anti-contamination clothing and other protective equipment.

Last Sunday, an aircraft chartered by the Portuguese government arrived in Lisbon with Chinese medical equipment, including 144 hospital respirators and masks for respiratory protection for the national health system.

A source from the Portuguese embassy in China said that more cargo is due to be sent, which “exceeds the capacity of a single aircraft, so there will be more flights.”

An order for 500 respirators made by the Portuguese State from a Chinese company is due to be delivered on 15 April, according to the Embassy.

In Macau, about 4.6 million patacas (537,000 euros) were deposited in an account at Banco Nacional Ultramarino by 7 April, the last day of the campaign, and the account is expected to remain open. (macauhub)