Kwanza Norte breeders are the first to receive heads of cattle that have arrived in Angola

20 April 2020

The cattle breeders of Angola’s Kwanza Norte Province were the first to receive the beef cattle bought by the government of Angola from Chad, and on Friday 700 head of cattle started to be delivered on Friday to farmers registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, said the director-general of the Institute of Veterinary Services.

Ditutala Simão noted that the process of distribution of the beef herd in the country was the result of a financial contribution of 150,000 kwanzas per head of cattle paid by beneficiaries, who are obliged to pay 600,000 kwanzas as a down payment and the remainder in three installments of 20% (30,000 kwanzas) every two years.

The cattle are intended for breeding, and it is therefore prohibited for them to be slaughtered and sold, “and anyone who kills one of these animals will be legally charged.”

In the last week Angola has received the third load of 1,165 cattle, totalling 3,500 heads of the first batch of 4,500 planned for by the end of this month, and for the whole year 13,500 cattle are expected, over subsequent quarters.

The programme will distribute 75,000 head of cattle across the country over the next five years, and 60% (45,000) are for entrepreneurs and the remaining 20% (30,000) for family farmers.

The cattle that Angola receives is the result of the payment of a debt, that Chad took on from Angola in the value of US$100 million and converted into the supply of cattle.

The first shipment, which arrived in March, was forwarded to the Quminha Agro-Livestock Project, in Luanda, where it has been quarantined (process of analysis and monitoring of the cattle by veterinarians).

After the quarantine period, some of the cattle will go to private entrepreneurs, as part of the large scale livestock breeding programme, with the remainder destined for the north of Luanda and Camabatela Plateau region (Malange, Uíge and Malanje), under the cattle repopulation programme. (macauhub)