Mozambique plans to manage resources for combating Covid-19 with transparency, minister says

20 April 2020

The financial resources intended to combat the Covid-19 pandemic will be managed with transparency, the Mozambican minister of Economy and Finance told the members of the National Assembly as he announced the opening of a special account to deposit funds.

The minister spoke about the National Covid-19 Pandemic Prevention Plan, in response to questions from members of the country’s parliament on the subject, during a debate on the Economic and Social Plan (PES) and the State Budget for 2020.

Adriano Maleiane said that the creation of a special account to channel resources allocated to the fight against the new coronavirus was an initiative of Mozambique’s international partners, and would be managed by the Ministry of Health, following transparency criteria.

All acts relating to expenses in the context of combating Covid-19 will be publicly announced, to allow them to be scrutinised by Mozambican society and the international community.

The National Covid-19 Pandemic Prevention Plan is budgeted at around US$50 million, and the section on purchasing materials and equipment accounts for around US$30 million.

The remainder includes costs related to transport, additional services and amenities, and the recruitment of 1,700 new healthcare staff.

The Minister of Economy and Finance said on Wednesday in parliament that the US$15 million in debt pardoned by the International Monetary Fund would be handed over to the Ministry of Health for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. (macauhub)