Economic Impact of Covid-19 in Cabo Verde totals 30 million euros per month

23 April 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic in Cabo Verde currently has a direct economic and financial cost totalling 30 million euros per month, wrote the deputy prime minister and minister of Finance, Olavo Correia, on his Facebook page.

The minister also wrote that the figure includes the costs arising from the measures taken to prevent the spread of the pandemic to be borne by the State Budget.

One of these measures is related to the creation of Income Solidarity, which aims to cover 30,000 Cabo Verde citizens, of which 10,000are already covered, and the entire number is expected to be reached by the end of April.

“30,000 Cape Verdeans with 10,000 escudos each is 300 million escudos (2.7 million euros) in a single month,” wrote Olavo Correia. (macauhub)