IGAPE of Angola wants to privatise another 13 industrial units

24 April 2020

Angola’s Institute of State Asset and Stake Management (IGAPE) intends to privatise another 13 industrial units in the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone (SEZ), and on Thursday in Luanda announced the launch of an international public tender.

The announcement by IGAPE said that the industrial units are Indupackage, linked to the manufacture of metal packaging, Betonar (pre-packaged and pre-stressed concrete), Galvanang (hot galvanization), Inducarpin (carpentry), Induplas (plastic bags), Indutive (paints and varnishes) and Mangotal (metal towers).

The list includes (PVC pipes), Telhafel (metallic roof tiles), Transplas (PVC PE accessories), Vedatela (wire fences), Absor (absorbent) and Saciango (cement bags).

The documents relating to the tender can be consulted at: http://www.ucm.minfin.gov.ao/cs/groups/public/documents/document/aw4x/mtc5/~edisp/minfin1179339.pdf or http://www.ucm.minfin.gov.ao/cs/groups/public/documents/document/aw4x/mtc5/~edisp/minfin1179338.pdf.

This process follows another one, which took place between 28 February and 31 May 2019, when IGAPE put up for sale a batch of seven industrial units from the SEZ – Univitro (glass processing), Juntex (mortar), Carton (cardboard), Absor (absorbent), Indugidet (hygiene products and detergents), Coberlen (blankets) and Saciango (cement bags).

After examination of the tenders received, the IGAPE Negotiation Commission has decided to award Carton, Indugidet, Juntex, Univitro and Coberlan to Angoalissar, Azoria, Ecoindustry and Zeepack, and Absor and Saciango were not awarded.

The units undergoing privatisation in these two phases are part of a batch of 52 that are at different stages of development – 26 fully deployed, 20 semi-finished (with a fenced lot, warehouse and offices) and seven still in containers.

The SEZ is an area offering tax benefits and competitive advantages, a property of the State with 21 reservations, seven of which are industrial, six for agriculture and eight for mining. (macauhub)