Portuguese, Chinese freight forwarders agree to cooperate

4 August 2020

The Portuguese Freight Forwarders Association, Apat, and the China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) have agreed to cooperate for the mutual benefit of their members, Apat announced last week.

Apat issued a written statement saying the agreement provides for the associations to exchange information on any changes in policy or market trends that may affect the international cargo transport business.

The statement says the associations agreed to set up ways for their members to collaborate and to promote each other.

CIFA has 6,200 mainland Chinese associates, and belongs to the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, the Apat statement says.

Separately, a Portuguese magazine, Revista Cargo, reports that Apat President António Nabo Martins signed the agreement on behalf of his association.

(Fonte) Secretariado Permanente do Fórum para a Cooperação Económica e Comercial entre a China e os Países de Língua Portuguesa: