China once again admitting Portuguese with residence permits

13 August 2020

The Chinese authorities have resumed issuing entry visas to Portuguese and people of 35 other European nationalities that have permission to live and work in China or to stay with close relatives there, Lusa reports, citing the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Portuguese news agency quotes a written statement issued by the ministry on Tuesday as saying the resumption is meant to facilitate Sino-European exchanges.

The statement says any of the 36 kinds of European that has permission to live in China can apply for a visa at any Chinese embassy or consulate in his or her home country, free of charge.

The report says that on arrival in China the holders of entry visas will be quarantined for two or three weeks.

As a precaution against the Covid-19 pandemic, China closed its borders to foreigners, even those holding entry visas and residence permits, in late March, Lusa says.

(Source) Permanent Secretariat to the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macao):