Exhibitors recognise MIF platform’s effectiveness and hope to seize business opportunities through three concurrent exhibitions this year

The 25th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (25th MIF), the Macao Franchise Expo 2020 (2020MFE) and the 2020 Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao) (2020PLPEX) will be concurrently held at The Venetian Macao from 22 to 24 October, with a view to maximising the effectiveness of the exhibitions and creating business opportunities through the platform offered by the three exhibitions.

Boosting businesses by 30% to 40% by participating in the exhibitions

Mr Wong, General Manager of the Soi Fong International Trading Company Ltd., who had participated in the MIF for five times, remarked that the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) not only provided services for SMEs to connect with large leisure enterprises, but also offered specific information on businesses and features of targeted SMEs to large leisure enterprises, thereby increasing the interest of both parties to co-operate. Benefiting from this service, the company became the slipper supplier of a large local leisure company, and its business volume increased by 30% to 40%. As a result, the company hired dozens more employees and expanded its factory’s area by 50%. According to Mr Wong, this year’s business is affected by the epidemic , and the company will continue to participate in the MIF, which will held concurrently with two other exhibitions at the same venue, in the hope of meeting more businessmen from all over the world online and offline.

Ms Si, Executive Director of the Tin Un Tai Wo Group Co., Ltd., specialising in biological research and health food production, said that IPIM’s efforts last year enabled the company to establish co-operation in international certification of enterprises with the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre and built an internationally-recognised safety assurance system, gaining recognition for the company’s reputation and product quality, and increasing market competitiveness of the company and its products. Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, consumers now prefer products with internationally-recognised safety assurance systems, and the company estimated that more and more customers will be interested learn about its products. She believes that there will be more room for the company’s business development in the future.

Attracting medical and financial companies from the Chinese mainland to start operating in Macao through the exhibitions

In addition, Mr Ng, President of the Macau International Investment Association, mentioned that last year they arranged for a group of companies from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to participate in MIF. During the exhibitions, some entrepreneurs reached co-operation with companies from Mainland China to set up joint ventures in Macao for conducting businesses in different areas, such as industrial investment, medical and financial services. He believes that the MIF platform can help companies to “go global and bring in investment”. Broad in scale, MIF also brings together businessmen from across the world and creates opportunities for exchanges and co-operation, helping companies broaden their horizons and keep up with the latest developments in various industries.

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