Three Exhibitions Concluded Successfully: Online and Offline Platforms Help Traders Break Through Geographical

The “25th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair” (25th MIF), the “Macao Franchise Expo 2020” (2020MFE) and the “2020 Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao)” (2020PLPEX) came to a successful conclusion today (24 October). This year the online exhibition platform was further strengthened and events were held both online and offline, producing synergistic effects. The three-day exhibitions arranged the signing of over 100 projects,  involving the introduction of made-in-Macao products and Macao-branded products to specialty supermarkets, Portuguese-speaking countries products’ opening sales channel on local e-commerce platforms, procurement of Macao-made masks, procurement of agricultural products from Mainland China and scientific research collaboration projects. More than 670 negotiation sessions took place both online and offline, which enabled exhibitors and traders to discuss future co-operation through the exhibition platforms offered by Macao.

A Combination of Online and Offline Services. More than 270 Online Matching Sessions Held

This year, MIF, MFE, and PLPEX set up an online exhibition platform, whereon more than 1,100 exhibitors presented more than 4,300 exhibits. In addition to on-site matching sessions, this year’s three exhibitions also offered online business matching and online protocol signing services, which allowed “online-offline” and “online-online” business matching sessions. Themed matching activities for targeted users were also arranged.

Ms Lau, General Manager of the Marketing Department of Tong Peng International Investment Company Limited, a local exhibitor that participated in the exhibitions for the sixth time, said that during this year’s online matching sessions, the the company’s manufacturing factory reached procurement consensus with a Hubei tea brand and Xiamen Airlines. They expected to establish co-operation in the near future.

Mr Ouyang, Director of the E-commerce Department of Qianjiang Liuwu Aquatic Food Co., Ltd., who participated in the online matching and protocol signing activities, remarked that it was quicker and more convenient to look for quality and preferable companies online, and start co-operation with them. He added that the company had signed lobster sales agreements with several local catering and commercial businesses and gained several local companies’ buyer intents for goods supply. He considered the events as conducive to the business expansion of his company and expressed his expectation to participate again in the events in the future.

Ms Lei, representative of the October Fifth Bakery of Macao, who participated in a live streaming session, said that the live streaming gave more exposure to the company and helped the company as a complement to offline exhibitions. She added that the company plans to explore e-commerce platforms and live streaming e-commerce to seek more business opportunities, to get throught the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Mr Carlos Jimenez, International Commercial Executive of the Carob World, a Portuguese exhibitor at this year’s online exhibitions, it was the first time that he had partook in online exhibitions, and he received many positive feedbacks from customers and reached co-operation intents while he met with the customers. In his opinion, the online platform provided more convenient and updated information compared with the offline platform.

One-Stop Support Centre for Enterprises to Help Them Explore Diverse Markets

This year the three exhibitions cover an area of 25,000 square metres with approximately 1,200 booths. Mr Lou, Vice-President of the Hit Big Data Group of Macao Juvenile Venture International Group Limited and a first-time exhibitor at the Innotech and Startups Zone, commented that the three concurrent exhibitions enabled the mutual support between youth startups and technological innovation startups, so that they can look into the possibilities of collaboration projects. He added that the company looked forward to providing products or technical support for Macao in the future.

Mr Lau, Assistant President of Operations of the Noble Mart, who participated in the on-site business matching sessions, noted that with the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) made it possible for the company to sign co-operation agreements with several brands including Lai Kei and Pak Fa Fui through the exhibition platforms, which also allowed the company to promot its brand through both online and offline activities.

Mr Rui Pereira, General Manager of the Ekithi Agricola, Lda, a trader in organic food products from Mozambique, said that as a first-time exhibitor, he was grateful for the support of the government of Mozambique and the IPIM. He also noted that the company established a preliminary intent of co-operation with an entrepreneur from Fujian after meeting with some businesses from Mainland China during the exhibitions, as part of its effort to explore the Chinese market.

Mr Chu, who was considering starting his business in Mainland China, said that the “One-Stop Support Centre for Enterprises” offered adequate investment information for companies to devise appropriate branding strategies and explore diverse markets.

Moreover, together with the Economic Bureau, the Macao Government Tourism Office, the Industry and Commerce Federation of Macau Central and Southern District, and the Industry and Commerce Federation of Islands of Macao, the IPIM organised guided tours to local neighbourhoods for participating delegates. According to some local SMEs, inviting traders to local neighbourhoods is beneficial  to community economies, especially those in the old town. These tours could also help expand the market, if the traders recommend Macao’s local brands to other people.

A Combination of Exhibitions and Forums for Scholars and Professionals to Gather Wisdom

During the three exhibitions, more than 50 activities including forums, conferences, and promotional seminars were held. At the “2020 International Trade and Investment Forum and Forum on Chain and Franchise Business Opportunities of International Brands” under the theme of “Co-creation of Beneficial and Brand-New Business Opportunity with Exploration of the Digital Economy”, professionals in digital marketing services, famous brand designers and brand operation directors shared their insights into how to make use of digital tools for marketing purposes. Meanwhile, the “17th World Summit of Chinese Entrepreneurs”, the “Fujian, Macao and Portuguese-Speaking Countries Economic Exchange Networking Session”, the “Portuguese-speaking Countries Wine and Food Business Matching Seminar” and other activities were also staged at the exhibition venue to provide exchange platforms for exhibitors from different regions.

Today is the last day of the three exhibitions. The online and offline activities attracted a large number of traders and residents. Local residents Ms Lei and Ms Kong who bought pepper and spices from Taiwan said that the exhibitions offered them more brands and choices.

The “Macao Franchise Expo 2021” will be held from 30 July to 1 August 2021. The “26th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair” and the “2021 Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao)” are scheduled for 21 to 23 October 2021.
(Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute)

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