IIICF Helps Macao Businesses Integrate into National Development and Expand Overseas Markets

The 11th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum (IIICF) is to be held in Macao from 2 to 3 December. To date a total of ten sessions have been organised. Over 70 countries, regions, and more than 2,000 guests participate in the IIICF every year, making the event one of the most influential annual events for the industry. Since it started being staged in Macao in 2012, the Forum has laid more stress on Macao elements and paid more attention to matters relating to Macao’s economic and social development. Some local businesses that have previously participated in the IIICF believe that the Forum offers a platform for Macao businesses to effectively negotiate and co-operate with representatives of countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, thus expanding their overseas markets.

Mr Ao, Chairman of Kong Sing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., a company which will take part in the IIICF for the second time this year, mentioned that the Forum has significantly enhanced the company’s exposure and made its operation conditions known to more overseas counterparts. During last year’s IIICF, his company signed contracts for fabricated buildings construction with representative businesses from Ecuador and service contracts with representatives from Malaysia, Angola and other regions. The company hopes to develop a co-operative relationship with countries along the “Belt and Road” at this year’s IIICF. It is also expected that through the Forum, his company will continue to grow and expand its business to different corners of the world.

Mr Shi, Chairman of Charlestrong Infrastructure and Building Materials Development (Macau) Ltd., engaged in infrastructure and land development, said that the company started to participate in the IIICF from 2013. Its brand coverage and reputation have gradually improved among target consumers, generating obvious business results. Over the years, his company has signed multiple memoranda of understanding for co-operation with enterprises from countries along the “Belt and Road”, especially Mozambique, and co-operation agreements with engineering companies from Mainland China through the Forum. Meanwhile, it has made many long-term strategic partners and their co-operation shows a good momentum.

According to Mr Tang, Chairman of the Macau Construction Association, one of the Forum’s co-organisers, local businesses can exchange and collaborate with companies from over 70 countries and regions around the world through this Forum — chances like this are too good to miss. During the past few forums, the Macau Construction Association signed a number of significant agreements on infrastructure co-operation with business associations from Mainland China, Taiwan region and other regions. Mr Tang further noted that after ten years of development, the Forum has become one of the most influential international MICE activities held in Macao and an important platform for China to conduct investment and co-operation in foreign projects and to promote the development of Belt and Road. He believed the Forum will embrace a brighter future.
(Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute)

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