Chinese, Portuguese economies complementary, diplomat says

29 December 2020

Chinese Chargé d’Affaires in Lisbon Xu Zhida has described the economies of China and Portugal as complementary, and the prospects for Sino-Portuguese cooperation as bright.

A written statement issued by the Chinese Embassy in Lisbon quotes Mr Xu as saying so in an article he wrote for publication last week in a Portuguese newspaper, Público.

Mr Xu said the development of China would bring new opportunities for Sino-Portuguese cooperation.

Mr Xu highlighted green development in China, saying the growth there of industries that tap clean energy and environment protection complements efforts in Portugal to counter climate change and use digital technology to transform the economy.

Cooperation in the energy and infrastructure sectors, and in science and technology mean Sino-Portuguese relations have never been better, the Chinese Embassy quotes Mr Xu as saying.

(Source) Permanent Secretariat to the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macao):