Macao International Museum Day Carnival 2021 opens in May Gathering the power of museums to build a cultural Bay Area

29 April 2021

In order to celebrate the International Museum Day on 18 May, 14 museums in Macao co-organize the great annual event of the museum sector, the “Macao International Museum Day Carnival 2021”. The opening ceremony will be held at 3pm on 9 May (Sunday), at the Convention Centre of the Macao Science Centre. The event will feature a wide range of intriguing activities, including game booths, workshops, lectures and drama guided tours. All are welcome to participate.

The press conference was held today (28 April) at the Macao Science Centre. Representatives of Macao museums presented various activities to be featured in this edition of the Carnival, including: the Head of the Department of Exhibitions and Museums of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Sam Hou In, representing the Heritage Exhibition of a Traditional Pawnshop Business, Taipa Houses, the Museum of Taipa and Coloane History and the Xian Xinghai Memorial Museum; the representative of the Fire Services Museum and First-class Chief, Chan Kit Wa; the Deputy Curator of the Macao Science Centre, Sylvester Cheong Hung Fat; the Acting Head of the Tourism Product and Events Department of the Macao Government Tourism Office, Lei Wan Wai, representing the Macao Grand Prix Museum; the Deputy Director of the Tung Sin Tong Historical Archive Exhibition Hall, Chao Ka Hou; the Director of the Maritime Museum, Sit Kai Sin; the Chief Curator of the Communications Museum, Olivia Wong; the representative of the Macao Museum, Lou Ho Ian; the representative of the Macao Museum of Art and the Handover Gifts Museum of Macao, Loi Weng I.

The International Museum Day, designated by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) on 18 May 1977, aims to draw the global attention to museums and cultural undertakings, promoting the development of museums. The theme set by the International Council of Museums for this year’s International Museum Day is “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine”. Under the impact of the global pandemic, museums are facing unprecedented challenges but are still upholding their original mission of providing cultural experience and serving the public. By using different methods and media, museums seek to deepen their relationship with the community and cross social barriers.

On the day of the Carnival, the museums will host a rich variety of activities, including the Game of “Gates of Pearl River”, Tactile Experience Tour, 3D Photography Experience, Non-fired Ceramic Tile Painting Workshop, Tak Seng On Accessories DIY Workshop, Kalimba DIY Workshop, Workshop of Wooden Accessory Box Decoration with Matchbox Label Stickers, Family-child Workshop “Dancing Pillarbox”, Tung Sin Tong Mosaic Music Box Workshop, Deep Sea Elf Workshop, Demonstration Program, and Drama Guided Tour “Pursuit in Deep Sea – Can We Have Sustainable Oceans?”. In addition, the organizers invited the Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou Museum and Shenzhen Museum to participate in the event and to set up booths at the activity venues. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong will also take part in the Carnival, displaying publications at on-site booths and through online means. The Deputy Director of the Guangdong Museum, Chen Shaofeng, will host a lecture on “Museums under the Pandemic”. In May, the museums will also hold other celebratory activities, exhibitions, workshops, guided tours and lectures, and will be open to the public at designated times for free. Some of the activities require registration in advance. For registration methods and details, please visit the “Museums in Macao” website (, follow the WeChat official account of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, or contact the Bureau through tel. no. 8988 4000 during office hours.

The Macao International Museum Day Carnival 2021 is jointly organized by the Macao Grand Prix Museum, Tung Sin Tong Historical Archive Exhibition Hall, Heritage Exhibition of a Traditional Pawnshop Business, Fire Services Museum, Maritime Museum, Communications Museum, Museum of Taipa and Coloane History, Handover Gifts Museum of Macao, Lin Zexu Memorial Museum of Macao, Macao Science Centre, Macao Museum, Macao Museum of Art, Xian Xinghai Memorial Museum and Taipa Houses. The museums will strictly follow the relevant guidelines of the Health Bureau to ensure effective epidemic prevention. All participants must wear face masks, undergo body temperature checks, present a “Macao Health Code” of the day and comply with the crowd control measures.
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