Survey on Macao vocational training 2020

17 May 2021

Information from the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) indicated that there were 54 institutions offering vocational training courses in 2020. A total of 1,343 courses were organised, which decreased by 30.6% owing to the suspension of courses by some training institutions amid the pandemic. Total number of participants dropped by 25.3% to 61,292.

Analysed by course type, Business & Administration courses had the highest number of participants, at 16,368 (26.7% of total), followed by Tourism, Gaming & MICE Events courses with 7,295 participants (11.9%), and Language courses with 6,747 participants (11.0%). The overall course completion rate rose by 4.2 percentage points to 93.2%, with Teacher Training courses having the highest completion rate at 99.5%.

Among the 1,343 vocational training courses, 658 were organised for enterprises or institutions, down by 22.7% year-on-year. Number of participants dropped by 17.6% to 33,580. The majority of the participants (10,081) took Business & Administration courses, at 30.0%; participants taking Tourism, Gaming & MICE Events courses (5,832) and Language courses (5,823) accounted for 17.4% and 17.3% of the total respectively.

Survey on Vocational Training covers institutions that offered vocational training courses. Information on course types and participants is collected with the aim to understand the provision of and resident participation in vocational training in Macao.
(Statistics and Census Service)

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