“Macao Week in Jiangsu” abounds with spectators Radiating Macao’s “tourism +” glamour for four days

The “Macao Week in Jiangsu” roadshow was held splendidly along the Pedestrian Street at Confucius Temple in Nanjing for four days in a row from 14 – 17 May, in tandem with the offline and online promotions to raise Macao’s profile as a healthy, safe and quality destination and attract Mainland visitors to Macao. The event attracted over 250,000 spectators on site and engaged over 72 million viewers cumulatively online. The hashtag “#Macao Week in Jiangsu#” has received over 28 million pageviews on Weibo.

Roadshow booths offer dining, shopping, fun and travel elements

Various departments of the Macao SAR Government joined different enterprises and commerce associations to roll out 43 stunning themed booths at the roadshow. Boosted also by the diverse array of promotions across various channels, the roadshow attracted a great multitude of Nanjing residents and visitors for a glimpse of Macao’s “tourism +” glamour.

The roadshow booths provided spectators with a diverse range of elements about gastronomy, shopping, entertainment and travel. The zones and booths were themed as follows: tourist information counter; overview about Macao and tourism events; a showcase of Macao’s tourism industry presented by pertinent integrated tourism enterprises and airline company; Macao’s World Heritage, Intangible Cultural Heritage and Macao Good Shop; MAK MAK Shop; Macao’s sport events including Macau Grand Prix, Macao International Marathon and Macao International Dragon Boat Races; trade, commerce and economy of Macao, for display and sale of “Made in Macao”, “Macao’s brands” and products from Portuguese-speaking countries. There was also demonstration and food sampling of “Confection of Dragonbeard Candy” – an element of Macao’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. The zones and booths greatly manifested integration across fields such as tourism + MICE, tourism + culture and creativity, tourism + e-commerce and tourism + sports.

Spectacular stage performances

The four-day roadshow presented 56 sessions of spectacular artistic and cultural performances including Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, Portuguese Folk Dance and Choi Lei Fat Martial Arts, all of which are inscribed on the Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Macao. In addition, Macao’s music band Tuna Macanese performed songs in Patuá, while Macao singers performed original songs composed by musicians from Macao. Other performances include “MAK MAK” street dance, special dance and more. Besides regular performances on stage, individual performances were assigned to take place and interact with spectators at themed zones, to convey Macao’s warm hospitality and create a lively vibe.

Promote abundant travel offers via various channels

The organizer rolled out an extensive promotional campaign for the Macao Week in Jiangsu through various online and offline channels across the Mainland. The activities were covered on site by over 30 media agencies from Macao and the Mainland. 16 KOLs specialized in travel, photography, gastronomy, fashion and other fields conducted 13 live streams or posted short videos, photos and articles about the event highlights on different platforms such as Yizhibo, Weibo and Trip. com. As of 17 May, the live streams have engaged over 72 million counts of live view and playback in total. The hashtag “#Macao Week in Jiangsu#” has received over 28 million pageviews on Weibo. Pertinent integrated tourism enterprises and airline company promoted their tourism products including over-90-million-RMB special travel offers on air tickets, hotel accommodation, dining and more at the roadshow and on their platforms. The related tourism products were on live sale on Trip. com. MGTO provided detailed information about the Macao Week in Jiangsu on the “Macao Week” H5 page and via its officials accounts on Weibo, WeChat, Xiaohongshu and Douyin; as well as on Ly. com, Mafengwo travel application, Tuniu, Trip. com, Meituan and DianPing. Via the above platforms, the Office also advised visitors to complete the formalities for entry and pandemic prevention before their trip to Macao and adhere to pandemic prevention guidelines issued by the Macao SAR Government during their stay.

Synergy of “Tourism + MICE”

MGTO and the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) jointly organized the “Jiangsu — Macao Tourism and MICE Presentation Seminar” on 13 May to present the strengths of Macao’s tourism and MICE industries to the trade there. Featuring a business matching and networking session, the seminar engaged around 120 tourism and MICE industry delegates and others from Jiangsu and Macao for enthusiastic discussions in future cooperation.

Taste of Macao Food Promotion enthralls food lovers

MGTO, Jinling Hotel Nanjing and Macau Cuisine Association together rolled out the “Macao Week in Jiangsu – Taste of Macao Food Promotion” at Jin’s Cafe of Jinling Hotel Nanjing, delivering palate-tempting buffets which comprise 33 signature dishes in Macanese and Portuguese style. In the first five days, the buffets have welcomed 1,810 patrons and won much applause. Vice President of Macau Cuisine Association and Leading Chef of the “Macao Week in Jiangsu – Taste of Macao Food Promotion”, Lou Chi Seng, not only conducted profound culinary exchange with Executive Chef of Jinling Hotel Nanjing, Xu Jingguo, but also partnered with a KOL to demonstrate how to cook Macanese and Portuguese dishes in an interactive live stream, besides being interviewed by local media. Introducing Macanese and Portuguese cuisine through the above different means, the Promotion sought to promote the diverse culinary culture of Macao as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.

Close cooperation between various government entities brings effective results

The coordinators MGTO and IPIM, as well as the supporting entities Cultural Affairs Bureau and Sports Bureau each did their part in collaborative efforts to promote Macao’s diverse “tourism +” elements at the roadshow. Despite occasional rains through the four days of the roadshow, the roadshow attracted over 250,000 spectators.

Through the mega roadshow, tourism and MICE presentation seminar, business matching and networking, food promotion and other activities, the Macao Week in Jiangsu showcased Macao as a healthy, safe and quality destination to residents and visitors in Nanjing, with the aim to expand the spectrum of visitor source and draw more Mainland residents to Macao for travel and spending, in turn revitalizing Macao’s tourism industry and economy.
(Macao Government Tourism Office)

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